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Ah, Little Debbie! Few things have been as consistent in my life as the Swiss Cake Roll queen, Little Debbie. I think I was enchanted by her depiction on the box before I’d even ingested the delectables in the box. In her girly bonnet, she kind of looked like someone that would be in my Sunday School. Somewhere along the way, I learned that the owner/proprietor of the McKee Baking Company had named the line of snack cakes after his granddaughter (Debbie), and that we are about the same age. I used to wonder if her friends had a direct line on all free Swiss Cake Rolls they wanted, which was just idle thinking, since there was little chance my family would be moving to Collegedale, Tennessee in the foreseeable future.

It seems for a time, the treats were only available regionally (in the MidWest), and after I’d moved to California, I would bring 2-3 boxes back to L.A. every time I’d go back home for a visit. Fortunately, they finally started carrying them locally, and I could stop being a Swiss Cake Roll mule for my transplanted midwestern friends.

Kim A Gallery :: Other Drawings :: DevilDebbie.

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4 Responses to “Kim A Gallery :: Other Drawings :: DevilDebbie”

  1. Love them! Well not the Swiss Rolls but the Nutty Bars!

  2. Nutty Bars also rule! They are at least equal now to the original Swiss Cake Roll

  3. I remember Little Debbie as well. I like your drawing. It is cheerful and makes her appear highly maternal, not at all like someone who would be filling your body with loads of sugar preservatives. However, I still have fond memories of ding dongs and hostess cupcakes so what do I know. You and I are very near the same age.

  4. Well, I won’t count your Hostess affliction against you as long as you acknowledge that the Little Debbie products are in every way superior :-)

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