A Day So Nice the Sun Wouldn’t Give It Up

A Day So Nice the Sun Wouldn’t Give It Up
Originally uploaded by Chris Kim A

Watching the Sun set tonight on Venice Beach, as I am very blessed to do, frequently.

The weather was so very nice today, that even the Sun seemed to take its time going down. Minutes after the official setting time, a band of clouds just on the horizon still held the brilliant light afloat, making it look like the Sun had simply flattened out against the edge of the world.

Even Catalina and Anacapa were clearly visible to the South, their purple profiles etched sharply into the orange sky beyone Palos Verdes Peninsula.

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2 Responses to “A Day So Nice the Sun Wouldn’t Give It Up”

  1. hey Chris. I love Catalina island if that's what you are showing here. Is it Irvine? I used to live at the uni

  2. This is from the beach in Venice, CA.

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