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After over 10 years of flawless daily service, my Braun Aromaster made its last pot of coffee this morning. The light comes on, but no heat. That’s usually how it happens, but I think this is the longest I’ve had a machine last. RIP, faithful companion!

Its predecessors only lasted 3-4 years each before the burner/heating loop would give up. I had held on to them in hopes of Frankensteining them together into a working machine…except they all had the same problem with the heating unit burning out.


The 30-something-year-old Melita steps back into service.

This one had been a gift from an old girlfriend, and I’d been babying it along by making sure to turn the burner/heater off after the first hour or so. Either I was lucky to get an extra-durable unit, or that practice really did help, or some combination of the two (most likely).

Fortunately, I kept my original Melita stovetop “manual” drip maker, as well as a couple of French presses, an electric Krups and a Bialetti espresso machine, so I’m covered.

However, in a fit of compulsive panic, I headed out late tonight on the bike to check the local 24-hour grocers and drug stores (two of each) to see what they might have to offer, but they had nothing that I was interested in paying for, even at the reasonable $24.99 price for the basic Mr. Coffee 12-cup machine.

What I really want is another Braun Aromaster, but it looks like you can’t buy them anymore. At least not in the US. Or so it seems. I’ll have to do some old-school letting my fingers do the walking and call around to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Frye’s and Target to see if the stores might have something that the web searching has not revealed. Meh. I wish I didn’t have a good idea that it will take nearly as much time to get the info over the phone as it would to drive to each location.

So…just made a fresh pot in the Melita —yum! I’d almost forgotten how good it makes the coffee taste! Okay, so it’s notably less convenient, but I may just hang with it for a while until I can suss out the Aromaster situation.

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