Passing (on the) Gas

Wow, what a difference not using the stupid wall heater makes!


Dramatic difference since last year!

As you can see by the usage graph from my recent gas bill, even with using the stove a lot more for cooking and coffee-making (as you may recall, my Braun died and I’ve been going old-school stovetop Melita for the last few months), not using the wall heater has significantly reduced my fossil fuel usage at home and is saving me tens of dollars a month (through the cool-weather months).

While it never really gets that cold in Los Angeles, along the coast and particularly here in Venice, it can be downright (relatively) chilly.

After my extended holiday trip back to the middle-of-the-middle and enduring what real cold can be, I decided to see how uncomfortable I would be not using the (shockingly inefficient in a poorly-insulated apartment) wall heater this winter. For the last several years, I’ve been playing a game with myself leaving it off until Thanksgiving.

This year, I decided to just leave it off as long as I could stand. Between its inefficient function and location in this small 1-bedroom apartment, it really only heats the dining / kitchen area (which doesn’t need it) and does nothing to heat the bedroom or the rest of the place. Pretty sure most of the heat is going up the chimney vent anyway in that setup. Pretty lame.

So…so far, so good, with the help of layering my wardrobe during the day (which is pretty much status quo for westsiders) and an electric blanket at night (it does get down into the 40s and sometimes lower occasionally). I also have a small ceramic heater that I have turned on 3 or 4 times for an hour or so, but I’m also trying to keep my electric usage down, too.

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