The site:

[2013-02-19] It is mind-boggling to realize that, as of this writing, I started this blog almost 5 years ago. In all that time, I’ve put up an average of less than 3 posts a year. Meh. And in all that time, I’m still not sure what I wanted this to be, other than a place to put some original content that would be easy to get to, update and share. Many services make the last three things simple, but it’s the putting the original content part that seems to keep throwing me for a loop.

So far, personal stories and mildly melancholic meanderings has been about it. That may be all there is to it.

Most of my time and more current activity can be found via my Google+ Profile. Be sure to feel free to drop by for a visit or just say howdy.

For my own personal reference, aggravation and torment, here’s the original ‘About’ copy from 2008-04-07:

It’s about freakin’ time. That’s what it’s about!
I’ve put off doing this for long enough now, and time’s-a-wastin’!
Just what “this” is, is still unclear, but I’m making a go of it, nonetheless. For those of you so inspired, I humbly thank you in advance for keeping an eye on what develops here, or where ever this ends up.
I’m not sure if I can be any more graciously vague, but at least I’m being sincere.
Really, Kim A